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Welcome to Financial Wealth Advisers, we have over 17 years experience

November 23, 2017

09:00 – 17:00

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Unit 3, 23 Beulah Road

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With over 17 years of experience we’ll ensure

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Investment Guidance

We bring decades of proven industry expertise
in driving our investment approach.

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Friendly Assistance

We’re famous for our friendly, personal help
with every area of your financial affairs.

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Financial Planning

We understand you’re saving for all different life events: retirement, a house or simply to build wealth.


We specialise in the provision of self managed superannuation funds, superannuation and taxation law.

Financial Wealth Accountants

Financial Wealth Accountants’s objective is to assist our clients
with practical accounting strategies in achieving their financial goals.

What we Offer

Broadly our services are grouped as follows: Investment advice, Superannuation, Personal insurance and asset protection, Specialists in share portfolios, Retirement / redundancy advice, and Estate planning. We specialise in the provision of financial services to self employed and high net worth individuals.
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About Us

At Financial Wealth Advisers we pride ourselves on our ability to add real value to our clients.

We provide a personalised and professional service and enjoy getting to know our clients in order to understand your individual situation along with current and future goals.

To ensure we cover all essential factors when assessing your financial situation and lifestyle goals we follow a detailed 7 step process. This allows us to consider both your short term and long term goals.

If you are looking for a passionate, ethical team that can offer you tailored financial solutions then you need Financial Wealth Advisers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fees will I pay if I engage a Financial Planner?

The answer to this question is provided in two sections: firstly, the fees you may be asked to pay to the financial planner; and secondly, the fees you pay through the financial planner to other service-providers.

Fees potentially payable to a financial planner include:-

  • advice fees;
    • this is a cost incurred by an investor only when they engage the services of a financial planner and only for the provision of ‘advice’: the fee is payable by the investor, usually after having negotiated the fee prior to taking the advice;
    • advice fees may include the cost of implementation of the advice if accepted by the client, but most often is for the strategy to be involved;
    • where the financial planner is to be engaged to provide advice, implement the strategy and report on progress towards achievement of stated objectives, this will be the first of a couple of fees that will have been negotiated at the outset of the engagement; and
  • ongoing service fees;
    • This is a cost incurred by the investor when they engage a financial planner to provide an agreed suite of services (often including an annual review of the progress of the strategy towards achievement of the agreed objectives): the fee is payable by the investor, usually after having negotiated the fee prior to taking the advice;
    • The service fee might cover supplementary advice during the year; it could also cover an annual (or more regular) meeting(s) with the financial planner; and will usually cover telephone and email requests for information/ updates of data – and may include many other services

Firms like ours are well-advanced in providing services on a fee basis, in many cases rebating back to the client, any commissions received.

Some other fees that an investor may be called on to pay by virtue of implementing an investment strategy include:-

  • brokerage;
    • a cost incurred directly or indirectly to the agent for making a transaction for the investor – and correctly payable by the investor;
    • incurred on share purchases/ transactions (whether directly; or through a managed fund or ETF)
  •  placement (initial) fee;
    • a cost incurred at the commencement of certain investments, covering account establishment and administrative costs for the investor’s account and appropriately paid by the investor;
    • usually only applies to managed funds (and in the current environment, usually only when an investor deals directly at the retail level with the fund manager)
    • can also apply to insurance bonds and annuities
    • when applied through a Financial Planner, should be considered for offset against the initial advice fee
  • administration costs;
    • costs incurred at various levels, but providing custodial services for – and reporting to the investor, services that the investor should feel comfortable to be paying for;
    • accountants to compile the tax elements of income earned from investments (whether shares, managed funds, rental properties, or cash)
    • accountants to determine the consequences of capital transactions on sales (whether gains or losses) and the taxation implications of those amount;
    • investment platforms to attend to the above and provide a single report covering the activities for the financial year in a simple format

What outcomes should I expect from using a Financial Planner?

There are a number of key areas in which a Financial Planner can add value to your wealth management strategy. The extent to which you engage with your financial planner in these areas will depend on where you are on your financial journey. As trite as it may sound, two important issues that a Financial Planner should bring for those seeking financial independence for the future are the ‘sleep at night’ factor; and ‘peace of mind’ for the investor and their dependants.

There is one matter that is often expected of a financial planner that cannot be guaranteed – and that is to have continuous growth in the value of portfolio assets! Your Financial Planner will not be able to influence the performance outcomes of the investments made: they will be able to ensure that the outcomes your portfolio achieves will do the best that it can to continuously work towards achievement of your investment/ wealth management goals, within the constraints of your financial resources and the risk tolerance you are assessed to bear.

By using a Financial Planner to guide and assist you to manage your wealth and financial strategies, you should be able to ‘sleep at night’ with the confidence that your portfolio is doing all that it can to achieve the identified goals – and you and your ‘family’ should have the ‘peace of mind’ that all will be well for those whom you care for/ about regardless of any interruptions to your physical good health and well-being.

Does the firm have a reputation for its financial planning, both with its clients and in the industry?

Financial Wealth Advisers has been established since 2004.

Throughout the Global Financial Crisis that struck in 2008 and persisted through early April 2009 – and had consequences far beyond, we communicated regularly with our clients and saved them from making poorly-timed and inappropriate decisions as to how their (diminished) portfolios should be allocated. Within five years, most of them had recovered the capital that had been written down in their portfolios (albeit that the return on their investments for that period had been seriously eroded compared to long-term averages. We wrote about the experience: read what we did for clients during the more challenging stages of this event.

We are pleased to have the testimonials that clients have given to us: they are published on this website at www.wealthgroup.com.au/about-wealthgroup.com/testimimonials/

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